Ippodamou 13, Larisa, 41448, Greece
Ippodamou 13, Larisa, 41448, Greece

Project Category: School Education

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Description In the past decade, there has been constant growth in using technology in education. However, even if students master an acceptable level of digital skills, they lack digitally assisted learning skills due to a lack of efficient learning strategies using…

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SMART LESSON: new approach and innovative tools for teachers to teach learning with smartphones

Description Smart Lesson is a project co-founded by the European Union in the framework of the Erasmus + Program. The consortium, shaped by 10 organizations and educational centers from Italy, Spain, Romania, Greece, and Latvia, will co-create and validate new methodologies and…

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Educational Agreement as a Response to Schooldropout

Description EARS is intended to be an anti-school dropout programme with a high social inclusive attitude. The project will be implemented not only by improving the experience of the participating partners by reaching TG groups living in rural and remote areas…

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Recycle The Nature! Save The Future!

Description The general aim of this project is to provide our students with the culture of protecting natural resources on ecology and the environment at EU standards, and thus enable them to contribute to the development of sustainable living opportunities. Our…

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Art Beyond Gaze

Description Art as an aesthetic experience, as a personal expression, and an educational tool is a conquest and a right, a common possession for all people and civilizations. Nowadays, art is considered to be the tool for communication among individuals and…

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