Ippodamou 13, Larisa, 41448, Greece
Ippodamou 13, Larisa, 41448, Greece

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Recycle The Nature! Save The Future!

START DATE: 28-02-2022
END DATE: 27-08-2023




 The general aim of this project is to provide our students with the culture of protecting natural resources on ecology and the environment at EU standards, and thus enable them to contribute to the development of sustainable living opportunities.

Our teachers and students will broaden their culture by comparing European cultural, historical, and school systems, which will give them the opportunity to appreciate the richness of cultural pluralism. In this way, our students will develop their awareness of natural resources and environmental protection, increase their concentration, and make themselves more active. They will both learn how to use new materials and become autonomous during and after school life.

With the transnational partnership, it will be challenging for our students to engage directly with students and teachers in other European countries and acquire new skills, as well as motivate them from a cognitive perspective. Our students also learn about cultural differences and similarities, they will be able to adapt more easily to other European cultures by comparing with their own cultures.



Ecological and Environmental.

Hand e-Book,e-Calendar, Crafts,Fair-Theatre Play-Chorus and Songs

500 students and 120 teachers training on the project

Website, Social media pages, eTwinning/Twinspace project

Dissemination E-brochures,Evaluation e-forms and e-reports,

24 teachers, 8 Scientists, and 48 student mobility,8 information seminars, 4 Transnational Activities,

Project logo and corporate identity, Erasmus + Student Club



Sharing experiences, embracing cultural differences, knowledge and experience gained by students and teachers, students’ increasing skills and achievements, and developing cultural awareness will be used to measure abstract results using interviews, questionnaires, tests, observation, and self-assessment mechanisms.


 1-To enable teachers to share their experience and expertise by collaborating with eachother for environmental problem

2-To examine good practices on the environmental issue and research how schools are working at the EU level and apply

3-To encourage the development of strategies, new technologies, and innovative methods in the field of environmental and natural resources education

  1. Strengthen cooperation between institutions at EU level in order to contribute to the development of the education system for the solution of the problem of environment and natural resources in partner institutions

5-To increase our students’ awareness of protecting natural resources and the environment for sustainable living and environmental conditions at the EU level.

6- To provide our students and all our stakeholders focus on improving sustainable living conditions at the EU level

7-To develop the attitudes, behaviors, values, knowledge, and skills that are necessary to live in an interconnected world

8-To acquire the ability to understand the relationships in the systemic nature of the world

Coordinator:) Bir Eylül Primary SchoolUşak/TURKEY (coordinator)