Ippodamou 13, Larisa, 41448, Greece
Ippodamou 13, Larisa, 41448, Greece

Project Details


Going to the New Digital Era with Improved Digital Skills (II)

START DATE: 01-11-2022
END DATE: 30-04-2024


Code:  2022-1-EL01-KA122-ADU-000075945


Our Association is a new organization established in October 2020. The needs and challenges thatwe face are focused on achieving and consolidating the digital transition in education andtraining. Our members should benefit from digital skills training programmes toacquire and develop relevant digital skills for the use of digital technologies incourses and to digitize the association’s administrative processes. By exploring digital resources our association members have the opportunity to support a quality learning and teaching process. Thus,enhancing the use and creation of teaching materials appropriate for education in the digital age thatwe live in.



The objectives that our Association wishes to achieve are:

– enrich our knowledge, skills, and collaborations through Moodle platforms, which

can serve as a repository of material for executive education.

– specialize in digital learning environments and platforms, which are a useful tool in

training of adults, both from the field of education and from other professional areas.

– make use of Adult Education of knowledge on digital platforms

– learn how to use a wide range of new digital tools and devices, which are needed

know how to make better use of the Moodle platforms, which are our central focus.

– To be able in the future to design corresponding seminars in a target group targeting the KA1 action of theAdult Education sector.

– learn to design and implement activities that motivate learners, to

love learning using ICT and thus make learning more experiential and useful for them


– improve our practical skills related to the management of the idea and process

implementation of new technologies in education and training.

– become familiar with other education systems and be able to transfer good practices in a satisfactory way in courses through the association, but also in schools, as many of the members are servingin all levels of education.

– improve their communication skills in English. This will enable us to:

– experience a participatory experience and promote their communication skills so that they

prepare for future European experiences.

– reflect on the importance of developing content and digitally integrated learning experiences.

– interact with colleagues of other nationalities and exchange ideas and experiences in order toimprove European awareness.

– to enhance the European dimension of teaching and learning.

– to promote the values of inclusiveness and diversity, tolerance, and democratic participation.

– support the development of professional networks across Europe and mobility schemesof high quality, promoting the professionalization of trainers and the development of the competencies ofadult education providers.

-to improve the quality of formal, non-formal, and informal adult learning in Europe to

improve the quality of quality of adult education in Europe for basic competencies and other life skills, such as digital skills.

This application is a continuation of our first effort launched a year ago and which we intend to continue. We intend to build on the experience of our first KA1 and expand it withmore targeted actions.