Ippodamou 13, Larisa, 41448, Greece
Ippodamou 13, Larisa, 41448, Greece



Going to the new Digital Era with Improved Digital Skills

Code ID: 2021-1-EL01-KA122-ADU-000018155



We are a group of scientists from various scientific fields, who in 2020 founded a new Greek Association of Innovation,non-profit, based in Larissa, but with members from many other cities, such as Thessaloniki, Lamia, Volos and Crete. The 31 scientists of the Union intend to promote science, innovation, cooperation, equality, democracy, inclusion, acceptance of diversity, environmental protection and improving the quality of human life. The development of digital skills will provide our members the abilities to achieve the goals of the Scientific Union and to organize courses in the future. In addition, it will give them the opportunity to travel to two foreign countries, to learn about other cultures, to collaborate with other European colleagues and to exchange ideas, views and good practices, creating prospects for future collaborations.

The objectives that our Union wishes to achieve are:

• Benefit its members from digital skills training programs to enhance their ability to include digital technologies in teaching

• to do office work and electronic transactions more ease and efficiency.

• to improve the quality of formal and non-formal adult education in Europe, not only for basic skills, but also other life skills, such as digital.

• to promote the values of inclusion and diversity, encouraging tolerance and democratic participation.

• to support the development of professional networks across Europe by using high quality mobility projects

• to improve their communication skills and use of the English language. • to interact with colleagues of
other nationalities and exchange views, ideas, experiences and good practices.

=> The activities that we will implement are: -Seven (7) participants will go to Ireland and nine (9) participants will go to Iceland to attend courses in order to improve their digital skills. – When we return, we will organize actions to transfer the new knowledge to other members of the association. – We will improve our teaching by integrating new digital tools in the teaching process. – We will develop our digital networking, inclusion and collaboration with people from different cultures and backgrounds, – We will organize dissemination actions and events in our schools for teachers, students and parents.
-We will evaluate the results with questionnaires in the various phases of the program. -We will disseminate the results of the program in many ways, such as by participating in events, updating the website of the Union and social media, and sending announcements to local media, etc.

We expect to:

• improve our digital skills, learn about new digital tools that can be used in the educational process. •
improve the quality of formal, and non-formal adult education in Europe • use of the English language more fluently.

• strengthen the European dimension of teaching and learning.

• promote the values of inclusion, diversity, tolerance and
democratic participation.

• develop networks across Europe with the prospect of future cooperation and creation of high
quality mobility plans.

• enhance our self-esteem

• interact with colleagues of other nationalities and exchange ideas and
experiences in order to apply good practices and promote European consciousness.

• Improve our communication skills.

IRELAND/ 7-2022/ 1st Mobility

OPEN UP, the Greek Scientific Association of Innovation implemented the 1st mobility for the Erasmus KA1 Project: “Going to the new digital era with improved digital skills”.

Seven members of the association: Mrs Antonoglou Lemonia , Mrs Gkanatsiou Katerina, Mrs Maria Orfanaki, Mr Stelios Orfanakis, Mr Panagiotis Papadopoulos, Mr Vangelis Tsoupakis and Mrs Dimitra Xesfigkouli, travelled to Dublin, in Ireland, from 4-17 July 2022 and had a special training course named : “Project-based Learning in the Digital Age”. The mobility provided an opportunity for cooperation between organisations and participants from Greece (OPEN UP Greek Scientific Association for Innovation), Ireland, Germany, Turkey and Spain.


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ICELAND/ 7-2022/ 2nd Mobility

In the capital of Iceland, Reykjavik, were 9 members of the Panhellenic Scientific Innovation Union OPEN UP in order to participate in the educational program “Inclusion in the Digital Classroom- Active and Cooperative Learning using ICT” that took place from 17-23 July 2022 in the framework of the European program Erasmus+ KA1 entitled “Going to the New Digital Era with improved Digital Skills”, thus completing the second flow abroad, which was foreseen by the application KA122 of 2021 approved by IKY.

More specifically, Mr. George Giannakas, Mrs. Ioanna Hatzi, Mr. Anastasios Pallas, Mrs. Ioanna Hatzopoulou, Mr. Konstantinos Angelis, Mr. Mr. Konstantinos Vourlias, Mr. Charalambos Valdoumas, Ms. Fotini Karadouka and Ms. Stamatia Tsilinikou were trained in the use of digital tools (ICT Tools) and in the implementation of innovative and interactive teaching approaches that cultivate the digital skills of the participants, by designing “virtual” lessons, participating in Digital Workshops and exchanging good practices with partners from other countries. The educational program “Inclusion in the Digital Classroom- Active and Cooperative Learning using ICT” provided an opportunity for cooperation between organisations, institutions and schools from Greece (OPEN UP Panhellenic Scientific Association for Innovation), Finland, the Canary Islands and Spain.


Στην Ισλανδία με το Erasmus μέλη της Πανελλήνιας Επιστημονικής Ένωσης Καινοτομίας OPEN UP