Ippodamou 13, Larisa, 41448, Greece
Ippodamou 13, Larisa, 41448, Greece

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/ARCHONDIA KATHARIOU /                                                                                                                                                                                 I graduated in 1989 from the School of Kindergarten Teachers of the Pedagogical
Department of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (APTH). In 1991 I founded a
Kindergarten in Larissa for children from 2 -6 years old, the Private Kindergarten
ARCHONTIA KATHARIOY, where I work as a headteacher.
I hold a master's degree in Special Education:Psycho-Pedagogy of Inclusion: A
School for  APTH. I completed my studies in the above orientation with the
specialization program ( Laboratory of life long learning, University of Thessaly
KDBMBTH) titled &Special Education Learning Difficulties: Specialization in
Psychometric Tools And The Design Of Interventions.
Then, starting from my sociological orientation in education but also from the
emerging need of designing social education programs at school, I work on the
implementation and development of a innovative preschool program based on three
published research papers that I implemented from 2017-2023 and which aims to
train children in social competences. I have also implemented presentations and
training workshops in connection with my pedagogical orientation at the following
topics: the inclusion of students with or without difficulties in the peer group, the
social empowerment of the rejected children in school, conflict management and
resolution, problem solving.
For the last two years I work as a trainer in charge of the Practical Training
Laboratory at the 2nd IEK Larisa, in the Early Preschool Teacher Assistant
Department. I was awarded in 2012 by the Ministry of Education "Excellence and
Promotion of Good Practices in Primary and Secondary Education" for the project
Turbinegeneration - The Identity of the space. I have written a children's book
titled: The Bicycle of the Bank of the Time. Oselotos Publications, 2019, Athens.